WRLA Results for 3 November

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WRLA Results 3 November:
Premier Division 
Oulton 14 South Leeds 11
Oulton scorers:
Hayley fielding x 2 tries
Lisa Taylor x 1 try x 1 kick
POM Lisa Taylor
South Leeds scorers:
Gail Johnson x 1 try x 1 kick
Niamh Harrison x 1 try
POM Antónia Greaves
Featherstone 30 Odsal 8
Odsal scorers
Rochelle Starham Drake x 1 try
Carly Yeaman x 1 try
POM Carly Yeaman
Featherstone scorers 
Hannah Watt x 2 tries
Grace Dyke x 1 try
Chole Reynolds x 1 try
Shauna Asquith x 1 try
Grace Cotton kicked 3 goals
First Division
Leeds University  12 West Leeds 68
Leeds University scorers:
Rebecca Grady 2 tries and 2 kicks
West Leeds scorers:
Elena Powell x 3 tries
Jacqui Sedgwick x 3 tries
Abigail Benn x 1 try
Hannah carty x 1 try
Emily Evans x 1 try
Chrystal Hearsum x 1 try
Holly James x 1 try
Brogan Parker x 1 try
Chloe Wainwright  Morley x 1 try and 8 kicks
Dearne Valley 18 Liverpool 24
Dearne Valley scorers:
Siobhan Martin x 2
Ebony Tattersall x 1 try and 1 kick
Sarah Sample x 1
Liverpool scorers:
Shelly Morgan x 2 and 2 kicks
Elena Flint x 2
Fran Boschetty x 1 try
POM Meg Ford

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