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Fiji and Samoa score record wins – Vitality Netball World Cup

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Fiji and Samoa each recorded wins during session 9 of the Vitality Netball World Cup this morning.

Samoa beat Sri Lanka 65-55 to ensure that they will finish in the top two in Group E and compete for 13th place on Friday, while Fiji kept their hopes of doing the same alive, by defeating a still-winless Singapore 71-56.

Group F continues during this afternoon’s session 10, in which both Australia and New Zealand could cement their places in the competition’s last four.

Results from session 9 matches:

Fiji 71-56 Singapore (Group E)

Sri Lanka 55-65 Samoa (Group E)

The latest preliminaries stage 2 group tables are available here.


With Group G teams – including England Scotland – enjoying their first rest day of the tournament, Group F takes centre stage this afternoon. Australia and New Zealand could both secure their semi-final spots, as they take on Malawi and Northern Ireland respectively, while Zimbabwe play Barbados.

The full tournament schedule is available to view here.

Courtesy of Vitality Netball World Cup