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Six Nations Quiz 2019

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How good is your knowledge of the Women’s Six Nations? Have a go at our quiz and do please let us know how you get on. (Answers are below – but no cheating!)

A few cinches, some stinkers to test how closely you followed this year’s Women’s Six Nations

  1. Who scored the first try of the 2019 Six Nations?
  2. Disregarding the 3-3 draw between Italy and Wales, what was the smallest margin of victory?
  3. Who were the four England players to start all the five matches?
  4. Who scored the most penalties in the 2019 Six Nations?
  5. Which is the youngest of the five national captains?
  6. Who are the three England forwards who appeared against Italy in 2015 and 2019?
  7. Which two referees appeared twice in the course of the 2019 Six Nations?
  8. Who was the only Red Rose to play all 400 minutes of the 2019 Six Nations?
  9. What occupation outside rugby links Jessy Trémoulière and Rowena Burnfield?
  10. Which Red Rose played the fewest minutes?
  11. Which was the only round to produce three home wins?
  12. Who was denied a match-winning try when the TMO decreed: ‘Forward pass’?
  13. Can you name the Players of the Match in the five England games?
  14. Who was Italy’s left-footed kicker?
  15. In the game against England which Scottish player had the most caps?
  16. Which of these towns was not a venue in this year’s competition: Lecce, Padua, Parma, Verona?
  17. Who played scrum-half and fly-half in the same match?
  18. We wanted to see two sets of twins play in one match, but couldn’t; who was missing?
  19. Who kicked the last-minute conversion to ensure Wales’ victory over Scotland?
  20. Who scored the last try of the entire tournament?


  1. Jess Breach (v Ireland)
  2. 2 points: Italy 29 Ireland 27, or Scotland 15 Wales 17
  3. Sarah Bern, Jess Breach, Katy Daley-Mclean, Sarah McKenna
  4. Michela Sillari (5)
  5. Gaëlle Hermet
  6. Vickii Cornborough, Vicky Fleetwood, Abbie Scott
  7. Aimee Barrett-Theron (SA) and Rebecca Mahoney (NZ)
  8. Jess Breach
  9. Farming
  10. Rosie Galligan (12 minutes)
  11. R5 (Italy, England, Wales)
  12. Jasmine Joyce, against Italy
  13. Katy Daley-Mclean, Jess Breach, Sarah Bern, Sarah Beckett , Emily Scarratt
  14. Veronica Madia
  15. Lisa Martin (49)
  16. Verona
  17. Pauline Bourdon
  18. Bryony Cleall; sister Poppy played against Marine and Romane Ménager
  19. Lleucu George
  20. Manuela Furlan