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Brain teaser – Women’s Rugby Quiz

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How good is your knowledge of women’s rugby? Before  the second round of the Women’s 6 Nations we offer a small women’s rugby quiz – unfortunately the only prize on offer is our admiration at your in depth knowledge and the ability to retain the information!

Answers will be posted tomorrow – as a teaser – and to keep you coming back…

A Rugby Quiz (questions valid up to Christmas 2018)

  1. In the 2018-19 Tyrrells Premier 15s season, what is the highest scoring draw, and between which sides?
  2. What connects Caity Mattinson (Bristol), Vicky Fleetwood (Saracens) and Catherine Spencer (former England captain)?
  3. Which two teams were involved in the only 0-0 draw thus far in the Tyrrells Premier 15s?
  4. Who refereed the first final of the Tyrrells Premier 15s?
  5. Which club boasts the second-largest rugby stadium in England?
  6. What links Cleve with Shaftesbury?
  7. What links Rachael Burford, Shaunagh Brown, Teya Ashworth and Fiona Pocock (all Harlequins) and Amelia Harper (Loughborough)?
  8. Which 4 players started all three Quilters Autumn 2018 international matches for England?
  9. Name 2 England debutants of 2018 who were not part of the Red Roses squad for the Quilter test matches in November.
  10. How many non-English international 100-cappers are there? Who are they?
  11. Which Tyrrells Premier 15s club boasts two front-line left-footed place-kickers?
  12. Which club sent its near neighbours to Coventry?
  13. Who is the only player to have been selected to the Dream Team after the World Cups of both 2014 and 2017?
  14. How many times does Ellie Green (Harlequins) bend at the waist before taking a place kick?
  15. Who scored England’s last try in the 2017 World Cup?

Quiz Answers

  1. 26-26 Quins, Bristol
  2. Twins
  3. Waterloo, DMP
  4. Sara Cox
  5. The Darlington Arena
  6. Two Bristol Bears homes
  7. All from Kent
  8. Sarah McKenna, Leanne Riley, Abbie Scott, Kelly Smith
  9. Caity Mattinson, Charlotte Pearce
  10. Donna Kennedy (Scotland 115 caps) Louise Rickard (Wales 112 caps)
  11. Bristol: Elinor Snowsill, Lucy Attwood
  12. Wasps sent Richmond in Round 6 2018
  13. Emily Scarratt
  14. Once
  15. Izzy Noel-Smith