Mather names side to face Bristol Bears in first game of the Season

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After, for what most teams, was a long, hot preseason, Tyrrell’s Premier 15’s sees its second season commence this weekend and Wasps FC Ladies raring and ready to pull on those black and gold jerseys to face Bristol Bears at their new venue, Shaftsbury Park.

Finishing the inaugural Tyrrell’s season in third, Wasps FC Ladies have had an exciting and successful pre-season from team building in the French Alps, to hard work back at the hive preparing for the new season. The new season also sees some fresh faces join the squad, with some internationals swarming from as far as New Zealand!

Looking at the team set to run out against Bristol Bears, we have some familiar faces with the likes of Captain Kate Alder at centre, Claire Purdy in the front row and Nolli Waterman at fullback. However, we also welcome some new Wasps who will all earn their first cap in the black and gold jersey this weekend- Claire Molloy, Claudia Macdonald, Lizzie Goulden, Katie Mason, Lucy Nye, Amy Wilson Hardy and Garnet Mackinder.

New international, Claire Molloy, spoke ahead of the weekends game: “It will be challenging playing against a team I know so well and that know me also, I look forward to the opportunity to play against such a good side and the game will represent a statement of intent for both sides”

Despite the familiarity of last season, this is sport and no rival should be underestimated, not least Bristol Bears who proved a challenging opposition! We’re excited to sting and hope to see many familiar faces and support down at Shaftesbury Park.”

Team List

1. Claire Purdy (VC) 2. Hannah West. 3. Kate Hallett 4. Alice Sheffield 5. Nora Baltruweit 6. Sarah Mitchelson 7. Claire Molloy 8. Elizabeth Crake 9. Claudia Macdonald 10. Lizzie Goulden 11. Tova Derk 12. Kate Alder (C) 13. Katie Mason 14. Abby Dow 15. Nolli Waterman

16. Kany Adefemiwa Afilaka 17. Anna Glynn Davies 18. Kasey Allen 19. Megan Horwood 20. Lucy Nye 21. Amy Wilson Hardy 22. Garnet Mackinder

Courtesy of Wasps