There’s still time to sign up for the FA People’s Cup

Come on people you have till Sunday night to sign up for the FA People’s Cup!

The deadline for registering teams for this year’s tournament is Sunday night, and in a last push for entries and to raise awareness of the tournament, the FA recruited young Braydon Bent (a football crazy Manchester City fan) as an ‘FA People’s Cup Correspondent’.

Charismatic Braydon did what he does best and walked the streets of Manchester on Wednesday to interview the general public about all things football, and asking them to show off their football skills.  Take a look at the link above, I guarantee he will make you laugh and hopefully ignite your interest in the competition.

The different categories in which you can sign up are as follows:

U14 male, U14 female, U16 male, U16 female, youth disability mixed, adult male (16+), adult female (16+), adult male disability (16+), adult female disability (16+), university male, university female, male veterans (35+), female veteran (35+), walking football (50+), college male (Futsal), college female (Futsal).

You can sign up for the People’s Cup here.

Story courtesy of the FA via FUSE