Source: Ainsley Bennett

WRLA results 11 February 2018

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Despite the terrible weather five games did take place in the WRLA, here are the results and scorers:

Stanningley 10 Wigan 4

Stanningley tries: Rachel Barker  2

Stanningley kicks: Sarah Gaines 1

Stanningley Player of the match: Rachel Barker

Wigan tries: Becky Greenfield 1

Wigan Player of the match: Becky Greenfield

Huddersfield 20 West Leeds 4

Huddersfield tries: Ebony Haley 1, Laura Dyson 1, Vikki Haley 1, Beth Neilsen 1

Huddersfield kicks: Grace Ramsden 2

Huddersfield Player of the match: Grace Ramsden

West Leeds tries: Beth Daniels 1

West Leeds Player of the  match: Kirsty Mills

Batley 28 East Leeds 32 

Batley tries: Shona Hoyle 3, Claire Barnes 1, Evie Kilburn 1, Debbie Smith 1

Batley kicks: Caroline Johnson 2

Batley Player of the match: Shona Hoyle

East Leeds tries: Kelsey Gentles 5, Kath Redpath 1

East Keeds kicks: Amy Goddard 3, Megan Beech 1

East Leeds Player of the match: Kelsey Gentles

Liverpool 6 Hull 46

Liverpool try: FFion Griffiths

Kicks: Alaw Parry 1

Liverpool Player of the match: FFion Griffiths

Hull tries: Shannon Oastler 2, Natasha Lister 3, Jade Key 4, Evie Molloy 1

Hull kicks: Jade Key 3

Hull Player of the match: Natasha Lister

Hunslet 50 Thornhill 0

Hunslet kicks: Maddy Irvine 2, Courtney Cass 1, Frankie Townend 1, Erica Zanre 1, Angel Hart 1, Chloe Cass 1, Anita Sharrock 2

Hunslet Kicks: Frankie Townend, Gail Johnson 6

Hunslet Player of the match: Chloe Cass

Thornhills Player of the match: Kelsey Ratcliffe