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WRLA results 4 February 2018

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Here are the results from today’s WRLA matches.

Hull Wyke 70  Thornhill 6

Hull Wyke tries: Carla Nolan, Ellie Cracknell, Natasha Lister, Sara Lyness, Ruby Adkins 2, Jade Key 2, Ruby Magson, Natalina Romano 3, Nayo Cee, Ellie Wheeldon, Hayley Davies

Hull Wyke Kicks: Jade Key 4, Evie molloy 1

Thornhill try: Kelsie Ratcliffe

Thornhill kick: Vicky Brooke

Player of the Match Hull Wyke: Nayo Cee

Player of the Match Thornhill: Kelsie Ratcliffe

Odsal 72 Liverpool 0

Odsal Tries: Nic Walker x 1, Liv Fortune 1, Beth Greenwood 2, Kelly Darragh 1, Jo Harrison 1, Leisha Williams 1. Nicola Williams 6, Beth Squires 1, Amelia Watts 1

Odsal kicks: Nicola Williams 6

Odsal Player of the Match: Beth Greenwood

Player of the match for Liverpool: Alaw Parry

Wigan St Pats 36 Huddersfield 4

Wigan tries: Armani Sharrock 1, Becky Greenfield’s 3, Alex Simpson 2

Wigan kicks: Charlotte Foley 6

Huddersfield try: Beth Neilson

Wigan Player of the match: Charlotte Foley

Huddersfield Player of the match: Grace Ramsden

Hunslet 14 Dewsbury Moor 20

Hunslet tries: Annie May, Nic Walker, Frankie Townsend

Hunslet kicks: Gail Johnson

Dewsbury tries: Verity Smith 1, Caitlin Beevers 3

Dewsbury kicks: Georgia Roche 2

Hunslet Player of the match: Hayley Porter

Dewsbury Player of the match: Caitlin Beevers

West Leeds 62 Batley 16

West Leeds tries: Beth Daniels 4, Sophie Nuttall 1, Donna Tobitt 1, Leah Jones 3, Lucy Butterfield 1, Sarah Barford 2

West Leeds kicks: Zoe Brown 4, Leah Jones 3

Batley tries: Casey Rhodes 2, Chloe Brown 1

Batley kicks: Sarah Fletcher 1

West Leeds player of the match: Leah Jones

Batley player of the match: Debbie Smith

East Leeds 16 Stanningley 56

East Leeds tries: Amy Goddard 1, Beth Keenagan 1, Megan Beech 2

Stanningley tries: Heather McDonald 3, Rachel Barker 1, Jodie Davies 2, Becky Brierley 2, Shannon Lacey 2

Stanningley Kicks: Sarah Gaines 6, Heather McDonald

East Leeds Player of the Match: Chloe Kerrigan

Stanningley Player of the Match: Shannon Lacey

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