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Women’s Rugby League World Cup Fixtures and results

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The Women’s Rugby League World Cup has now kicked off and first round of fixtures have taken place with Australia, New Zealand and England all running out convincing winners.  Second round will take place on Sunday 19th, scores will be updated as soon as they are known.

Australia, Canada, the Cook Islands, England, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are all competing.

For those unfamiliar with the nicknames of the teams involved here is a list:

Australia – Jillaroos

Canada – Ravens

Cook Islands – The Cooks

England — England Lionesses

New Zealand — Kiwi Ferns

Papua New Guinea — PNG Orchids

There will be three rounds of Pool fixtures and then the top four teams will face off in the semi finals.

Women’s Rugby League World Cup Fixtures and Results:

16/11/2017 Pool: Round 1 New Zealand 50-4 Canada

16/11/2017 Pool: Round 1 England 36-8 PNG

16/11/2017 Pool: Round 1 Australia 58-4 Cook Islands

19/11/2017 Pool: Round 2 PNG 8-22. Canada

19/11/2017 Pool: Round 2 New Zealand 76-0 Cook Islands

19/11/2017 Pool: Round 2 Australia 38-0 England

22/11/2017 Pool: Round 3 England 16-22 Cook Islands

22/11/2017 Pool: Round 3 Australia 88-0 Canada

22/11/2017 Pool: Round 3 New Zealand 38-0 PNG

26/11/2017 Semi-Final: New Zealand 52-4 England

26/11/2017 Semi-Final: Australia 58-6 Canada

2/12/2017 Final: Australia v New Zealand, Brisbane Stadium


Kezie Apps (Helensburgh, NSW)
Chelsea Baker (Wallabies Gladstone, QLD)
Heather Ballinger (Wests Panthers, QLD)
Annette Brander (Beerwah Bulldogs, QLD)
Brittany Breayley (Brothers Ipswich, QLD)
Sam Bremner (Helensburgh, NSW)
Ali Brigginshaw (Brothers Ipswich, QLD)
Karina Brown (Easts Tigers, QLD)
Nakia Davis-Welsh (Redfern All Blacks, NSW)
Vanessa Foliaki (Easts Tigers, NSW)
Steph Hancock (Easts Tigers, QLD)
Isabelle Kelly (North Newcastle, NSW)
Renae Kunst (Wests Panthers, QLD)
Corban McGregor (Cronulla-Caringbah, NSW)
Caitlin Moran (North Newcastle, NSW)
Lavina O’Mealey (Redfern All Blacks, NSW)
Talesha Quinn (Cronulla-Caringbah, NSW)
Ruan Sims (Cronulla-Caringbah, NSW)
Maddie Studdon (Redfern All Blacks, NSW)
Zahara Temara (Burleigh Bears, QLD)
Simaima Taufa (Mounties, NSW)
Elianna Walton (Greenacre, NSW)
Meg Ward (Northern Territory, NT)
Rebecca Young (North Newcastle, NSW

Maira Acevedo (British Columbia)
Gillian Boag (British Columbia)
Nina Bui (Ontario)
Andrea Burk (British Columbia)
Christina Burnham (British Columbia)
Mackenzie Fane (Ontario)
Kathleen Grudzinski (British Columbia)
Janai Haupapa (Alberta)
Michelle Helmeczi (Alberta)
Kathleen Keller
Natalie King (British Columbia)
Kelcey Leavitt (Alberta)
Mandy Marchak (British Columbia)
Sabrina McDaid (Ontario)
Wealtha Jade Menin Naglis (Alberta)
Fedelia Omoghan (Ontario)
Megan Pakulis (Ontario)
Irene Patrinos (Ontario)
Stevi Schnoor (British Columbia)
Natasha Smith (British Columbia)
Elizabeth Steele (Alberta)
Natalie Tam (Ontario)
Tiera Thomas-Reynolds (Ontario)
Barbara Waddell (Forrestville Ferrets)

Cook Islands
Toka Natua (Tokoroa, NZ)
Te Kura Ngat-Aerengamate (Counties-Manukau, NZ)
Te Amohaere Ngat-Aerengamate (Counties-Manukau, NZ)
Crystal George Tamarua (Auckland, NZ)
Danielle Apaiana (Auckland, NZ)
Stephanie Wilson (Sydney, Australia)
Eliza Wilson (Auckland, NZ)
Josina Singapu (Gold Coast, Australia)
Karol Tanevesi (Sydney, Australia)
Samaria Taia (Sydney, Australia)
Natalee Tagavaitau (Auckland, NZ)
Kaylen Ikitule (Auckland, NZ)
Kiana Takairangi (Sydney, Australia)
Chantelle Inangaro Schofield (Cook Islands)
Beniamina Koiatu (Auckland, NZ)
Inangaro Maraeara (Sydney, Australia)
Manea Poa-Maoate (Wellington, NZ)
Lydia Turua-Quedley (Melbourne, Australia)
Ruahei Demant (Auckland, NZ)
Cecelia Strickland (Perth, Australia)
Urshla Kere (Brisbane, Australia)
Kiritapu Demant (Auckland, NZ)
Katelyn Arona (Christchurch, NZ)

Amy Hardcastle (Bradford Bulls)
Andrea Dobson (Featherstone Rovers)
Beth Sutcliffe (Bradford Bulls)
Charlotte Booth (Bradford Bulls)
Chantelle Crowl (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Claire Garner (Bradford Bulls)
Danielle Bound (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Danika Priim (Bradford Bulls)
Emily Rudge (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Emma Slowe (Featherstone Rovers)
Faye Gaskin (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Jenny Welsby (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Jessica Courtman (Bradford Bulls)
Jodie Cunningham (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Katherine Hepworth (Castleford Tigers)
Kayleigh Bulman (Featherstone Rovers)
Kirsty Moroney (Bradford Bulls)
Lois Forsell (Bradford Bulls)
Rachel Thompson (Thatto Heath-St Helens)
Sarah Dunn (Featherstone Rovers)
Shona Hoyle (Bradford Bulls)
Stacey White (Bradford Bulls)
Tara-Jane Stanley (Thatto Heath-St Helens)

New Zealand
Racquel Anderson (Waicoa Bay)
Ngatokotoru Arakua (Counties)
Sharlene Atai (Akarana)
Maitua Feterika (Counties)
Teuila Fotu Moala (Counties)
Louisa Gago (Counties)
Georgia Hale (VC) (Akarana)
Honey Hireme (Counties)
Amber Kani (Counties)
Bunty Alyce Kuruwaka-Crowe (Canterbury)
Laura Mariu (C) (Counties)
Lilieta Maumau (Counties)
Nita Maynard (NSW)
Raecene McGregor (NSW)
Krystal Murray( Counties)
Kimiora Nati (Counties)
Apii Nicholls-Pualau (Counties)
Annetta-Claudia Nuuausala (Akarana)
Hilda Peters (Counties)
Kahurangi Peters (Counties)
Krystal Rota (Counties)
Aieshaleigh Smalley (Counties)
Atawhai Tupaea (Counties)
Shontelle Woodman (Akarana)

Papua New Guinea
Elvinah Aaron (Southern)
Helen Abau (Southern)
Delailah Ahose (Southern)
Della Audama (Southern)
Akosita Baru (Northern)
Christie Bulhage (Highlands)
Brenda Goro (Southern)
Carol Humeu (Southern)
Shirley Joe (Northern)
Martha Karl (Northern)
Gloria Kaupa (Highlands)
Naomi Kaupa (Southern)
Amelia Kuk (Brisbane, Australia)
Joan Kuman (Southern)
Grace Mark (Northern)
Mala Mark (Highlands)
Janet Michael (Southern)
Cathy Neap © (Southern)
Anne Oiufa (Highlands)
Vanessa Palme (Southern)
Fay Sogavo (Highlands)
Jazmyn Taumafai (Brisbane, Australia)
Vero Waula (Southern)
Maima Wei (Southern)