Stacey Copeland launches project Pave the Way

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Pave the Way is a project set up by Manchester professional boxer, Stacey Copeland, in partnership with Greater Sport Manchester and Parrs Wood High School. The project will take place throughout women’s sport week (19th – 25th June.)
The goal is to pave the way for girls and women to realise their full potential through sport. The aim is to do this by providing strong female role models for girls and women to aspire to, and to champion and highlight the important role of women in sport.

Overview of scheduled events for #PaveTheWay




*Monday 19th June DAY

Pave The Way Inspiration Day

See full details below

36 female students from Manchester high schools
Tue 20th –  Fri 23rd June DAY

Pave the Way Primary!


Inspiration visits to: Beaver Road, Didsbury, Green End, Broadoak, Cavendish, Ladybarn primary schools
Wed 21st June EVE

Pave The Way Inspire Visit

5 Ways Boxing Club, Burnley
Thur 22nd June EVE

Pave The Way inspire visit

Women’s football Oldham and Tameside
Saturday 24th June DAY

Pave the Way sign up Day!


Ashton town centre exhibition workouts/info session
Sunday 25th June DAY

Pave the Way WOAW!!

(Walk Of Awesome Women!)

Mam Tor walk, Peak District 12 noon.

*Pave the Way Inspiration Day – Full Details

Monday 19th June 2017 at MIHP Manchester

The Pave the Way inspiration day will bring together 36 female students from high schools across Manchester. All of these students will be selected based on their passion for sport and can be any age from 11-16.


The day aims to raise awareness of the opportunities available to women in sport. It is our hope that young women can recognise how they can combine their passion with other skills in order to pursue a career in sport. Our amazing female role models will provide inspiration to the girls and pave the way for them to set their own goals and aim high!

“If you can see it, you can be it.”

Activities on the day:

Pave the Way Pioneers 2017 photography exhibition

Guest speakers from the world of sport

Three engaging group/team work activities

Dance performance from Street Shakers

Group presentations

Pave The Way pledge session

Opportunity to meet influencers and inspirational women!

PAVE THE WAY PIONEERS 2017! Photography exhibition

Our photo exhibition includes twenty two women who work in sport. The images capture our featured women in their regular work environment. Women from media, sports medicine, logistics, management, coaching and much more, are all included in our exhibition. The photos will be displayed on the day and some of the women in the exhibition will be speaking at the event.

PAVE THE WAY inspiration day schedule

Times Activity Details Location
10-10.15am Welcome and introduction Stacey Copeland Lecture Hall
10.15-11.00am Guest speakers Details to follow Lecture Hall
11.00 – 11.30am  

Rotation 1 – mixed groups

Creative Activity

Seminar rooms

11.30 – 11.50am Rotation 2 – mixed groups ‘Radvert’ Astro pitch
11.50-12.10pm Working Lunch Packed lunch Nutrition room
12.10-1.00pm Rotation 3 – school groups Pave the Way Pledge

Seminar rooms and lecture hall

1-1.05pm Dance performance

Street Shakers

Astro pitch
1.05-1.55pm Student presentations

Advert performances

Pave the Way pledge presentations

Astro pitch
1.55-2pm Photos and closing address

Stacey Copeland/Liz Norris

Astro pitch

Rotation Activities


Mixed groups


Students will be shown examples of sexist advertising, both in the form of still images and videos. In their groups, they will then be given a product to advertise in a way that portrays women in an empowering way. Students will perform their adverts at the end of the day.
Creative Art

Mixed groups






Working in groups, students will produce a creative piece of work, each with a different theme:

‘Like a girl’ – Produce a piece of work about what you do ‘like a girl.’

‘My role model’ piece of work about a favourite role model

#BeMoreGIRL – words for each letter of ‘GIRL’

Front Cover – redesigning magazine front covers to be empowering

Smashing barriers – the wall of barriers!

Positive post – all the wonderful things about being a girl!

Pave the Way Pledge

School groups

Students will work together in their school group to plan their own ‘pave the way’ project for their school. At the end of the day students will present their pave the way project ideas to guests.


Venue address: MIHP

Manchester Institute of Health and Performance

Wilson Street


M11 2AZ

Contact details for Stacey Copeland



We at @4tlos are delighted that Stacey has asked us to promote her project on our website because we share her aims.  In fact our primary objective is to promote women’s sport in the best way we can and to promote strong, awesome role models who will inspire women and girls to get involved in sport. Role models like Stacey herself – we hope this week will be a huge success and look forward to providing more information as the project gets going.

In the meantime if you’d like to have a look at Stacey story you can do so here.