Stacey Copeland – Paving the Way

The inspirational Stacey Copeland has invited us to share her promotional video through which we can follow her boxing journey.  

From attending her grandfather’s gym as a small child to preparing for her professional debut the aim of the video is to inspire others and to pave the way for girls and women in sport.  A brilliant touch is Stacey’s little niece Ruby playing her as a child.

Boxing is clearly in Stacey’s blood, from her grandad running the gym, her father coaching her and then becoming the only father and daughter to win ABA titles – it’s a fascinating story and now Stacey is opening a new chapter as she enters the world of professional boxing, making her debut on 16th June.

However, not content with concentrating on her boxing, Stacey is really keen to be the female inspiration to girls and women and encourage them to be the best they can.

Enjoy and be inspired by Paving the Way and join us in wishing Stacey huge success in her professional career.