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Why sponsor the Norwich City men’s team and not the ladies?

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We have received this impassioned article from Nikisha Powers-Richardson who has asked for our support with her application to the Aviva Community Fund.  Nikisha is trying to get funding for the Norwich City Ladies team.

This is what she has to say:

logoThe Aviva Community Fund opens up each year for non-profit organisations to gain funding and sponsorship. I have chosen the  NCFC Ladies as my chosen organisation and I am rallying votes for them to gain the funding.

“Why sponsor the Norwich City men’s team and not the ladies?”

The Norwich City Ladies are an amazing group of girls who are very committed to football and a healthy lifestyle. They are unpaid (like most if not all women’s football teams), which goes to show that they do not play for fame or fortune but for the genuine love and passion for the sport.

The ladies train every Wednesday night and have games on most Sundays putting their time and effort into each game. Throughout the summer they train twice a week and have friendly games as well, They take part in many different sporting events also such as marathon runs and race for life to raise money for charity.

Women’s football is becoming a lot more popular and the Norwich Ladies couldn’t be happier to share their experiences and skills with their community and the youth of today.

With the money they may win from the Aviva community fund, this will go towards funding different sporting events in order for the ladies to have the opportunity the get more involved in the community, to teach the youth many different football skills and to help them develop a healthy and athletic lifestyle. This will also encourage a good mind set for the youth growing up, understanding that it is okay for women to play football and to progress and be good at it.

Football is a great passion of mine, as well as most fans in the United Kingdom and across the world, it brings people together through highs and lows. Football unites different cultures and countries especially when the World Cup or the Euros are on. The last women’s World Cup was a real eye opener for women’s football and has brought a lot more women into the sport, which I feel is fantastic.

I believe it is important to involve your community and the youth in sport as it is such an amazing and vast aspect of your life, at some point everyone is exposed to it. Olympics, School, world sporting events, gym are all a part of our everyday life. There are so many different varieties of sports that you can do regardless of your physical abilities.

The Norwich ladies really do make me feel proud to know them and just being a part of the organisation makes me want to do so much more for the community.

I feel that Norwich ladies really deserve the opportunity to help the youth and to teach the community their skills, also to encourage the community to attend more of their games, to really get to know them and to be able to support them throughout the seasons just as they would with the Norwich City men’s team, boosting their motivation and determination to do well.

The Aviva Community Fund would also benefit from being the team’s main sponsor throughout the season. It would promote the community fund for other organisations to enter in the next year’s entry, which would help a lot more communities throughout the country, as I feel the community fund has a great impact on the country and the individuals that take part, and win for their chosen organisation.

By Nikisha Powers-Richardson

You can vote for Norwich City Ladies in the Aviva Community Fund here