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Winter League results 23 October 2016

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The first week of the Winter League kicked off today with home wins everywhere except Hull where West Leeds beat their hosts in a low scoring match.

All today’s scores and goal scorers below:

Division One

Wigan 40 Batley 4

Wigan try scorers: Becky Greenfield 3, Kerrie Smith 1, Rachel Porter 1 + 1 goal, Charlotte Foley 1 + 2 goals, Naomi Williams 2 + 2 goals

Wigan player of the match: Kerrie Smith

Batley try scorers: Katie Whelan 1

Batley player of the match: Lori Halloran

Huddersfield 36 – Barrow 16

Huddersfield try scorers: Laura Dyson, Lucy Wood, Lucy Eastwood 2, Beth Neilson, Beth Squire, Jess Hopkins 2.

Goals: Laura Dyson 2

Barrow try scorers:  Michelle Larkin, Emily Stirzaker, Sharon Tucker.

Goals:  Michelle Larkin and Sharon Tucker.

Ref player of the match: Jess Hopkins (Huddersfield) and Kelly Friend (Barrow)

Barrow players of the match (as nominated  by Huddersfield): Sharon Tucker and Emily Stirzaker

Huddersfield players of the match (as nominated by Barrow): Lucy Eastwood and Beth Neilson

Stanningley 54-6 Thornhill

Stanningley try scorers: Elychia Watson 2, Sophie Robinson, Chloe Wainwright-Morley 2, Abigail Wilkinson 2, Manina Spurr, Shannon Lacey 2

Goals: Chloe Wainwright-Morley 7

Thornhill try scorers:  Beth Holt

Goals: Charlotte Hawkins

Player of match Stanningley: Joenie Aspin

Player of the match: Thornhill: Amy Gilbert

Division Two

Odsal  30 Liverpool 4 – game stopped through injury on 57 minutes

Odsal try scorers: Nicola Peat 1, Gemma Fordham 1,  Leisha Williams 1, Beth Greenwood 1, Kara Priestley 2,

Goals: Hannah Callaghan 3

Liverpool try scorers: Alaw Parry 1

Odsal player of the match: Beth Greenwood

Liverpool player of the match: Alaw Parry

East Leeds  34 Hunslet 18

East Leeds try scorers: Kath Redpath (1), Shanelle Mannion(2), Naomi Brenna (1), Danielle Anderson (1), Nyasha Maponga (2)

Goals: Kirsty Higo (2)

Hunslet try scorers:  Aimee McVitty (2), Erica Zanre (1), Jo Harrison (1)

Goals: Gail Johnson

Refs player of the match: Kiera Saville (East Leeds) and Gail Johnson (Hunslet)

Hull Wyke 4 West Leeds 16

Hull Wyke try scorer: Davinia  Richardson

Player of the match: Jade Key

West Leeds try scorers: Zoe Brown, Jacqueline Sedgwick and Elizabeth Daniels

Goals: Zoe Brown (2)

Player of the match: Laura Wilson

Results courtesy of WRLA