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Bristol Ladies off to winning start

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Bristol Ladies travelled to Wasps yesterday for the first fixture of the Women’s Premiership 2016/17 season.

Bristol piled on the pressure from the start, even looking to score with the first play of the ball, however errors in accuracy led to a high penalty count across the first 20 minutes for Bristol, and Wasps scored the first points of the day, with kicker Edwards slotting a penalty on fourteen minutes.

It took fifteen minutes for the next points of the game to be scored – as Amber Reed (sponsored by Colston’s School) scored a return penalty to level the score to 3 – 3.

The first and only try of the half came through former Wasp, Marlie Packer, who showed persistence and determination to find a gap in the Wasps defence and cross under the posts. Amber Reed duly converted. (3 – 10)

The key messages at half time focussed around improving the accuracy of play and increasing the line speed – both of which showed in the second half.

A well-executed line out and led to a brilliant 20 metre drive by the forwards, sending Marlie Packer (sponsored by Jones Building Group) over for her second of the game. Minutes later, Izzy Noel Smith who looked threatening all game showed her strength a powered over, taking the score to 3 – 22.

Cat McNaney was the next to score, scooping the ball up and running it around the back of the Wasps defence, a great performance on her Premiership debut. Poppy Leitch (sponsored by Floodlights UK) followed in her footsteps shortly after adding her name to the tally.

Carrie Roberts thought she has also gone over 10 minutes from the end but the ref blew up for crossing, however, she showed her composure as five minutes later she dashed through for the final score of the game, ending the score on 3 – 39.

Head Coach Roy Davies spoke to us afterwards:  “A bonus point win is a great way to start the season. The first 20 minutes looked very much like the first 20 minutes of the new season with a lot of inaccurate play, however, we soon raised our standards to the level we would expect from ourselves.

“I was really pleased with the way we adapted our game to the conditions and were able to put great pressure on a hardworking, aggressive Wasps team. We had a strong squad tonight which was vital as our players came off the bench and made an impact and contributed fully to what was an excellent performance for this stage of the season.”

Final Score: Wasps Ladies 3 – 39 Bristol Ladies

Bristol forward of the game: Sasha Acheson

Bristol back of the game: Amber Reed

Scores Schedule:

Minutes Team Type Player Score
14 Wasps Pen Edwards 3 – 0
30 Wasps YELLOW Crake
30 Bristol Pen Reed 3 – 3
35 Bristol Try Packer 3 – 8
36 Bristol Conv Reed 3 -10
42 Bristol Try Packer 3 – 15
47 Bristol Try Noel Smith 3 – 20
48 Bristol Conv Reed 3 – 22
57 Bristol Try McNaney 3 – 27
63 Bristol Try Leitch 3 – 32
64 Bristol Conv Reed 3 – 34
75 Bristol Try Roberts 3 – 39
78 Bristol YELLOW Cleall

Team Sheet:

  1. Abbie Parsons (65 mins)
  2. Clara Nielson (50 mins)
  3. Sasha Acheson (50 mins)
  4. Amelia Buckland Hurry
  5. Poppy Cleall
  6. Marlie Packer (65 mins)
  7. Claire Molloy
  8. Izzy Noel Smith
  9. Sian Moore
  10. Elinor Snowsill (65mins)
  11. Carrie Roberts
  12. Amber Reed ©
  13. Lottie Holland
  14. Cat McNaney (65 mins)
  15. Sydney Gregon


  1. Carys Phillips (for Nielson)
  2. Sarah Bern (for Acheson)
  3. Jeanine Stephenson (for Parsons)
  4. Poppy Leitch (for Packer)
  5. Becki Belcher (for McNaney)
  6. Hannah Gascoigne (for Snowsill)

Pictured above: Elinor Snowsill

Report courtesy of Bristol Ladies Press Office