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2016 Vitality Netball Superleague Fixtures & Results

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With Super Saturday taking place today, here is a full list of the 2016 Vitality Netball Superleague fixtures:

Round 1 – Super Saturday

30 January 2016

Celtic Dragons 39-60 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Yorkshire Jets 34-65 Loughborough Lightning

Manchester Thunder 59-37 Team Northumbria

Team Bath 47-44 Surrey Storm

Round 2

Monday 1st February

Yorkshire Jets 38-58 Team Bath

Friday 5th February

Surrey Storm 57-35 Team Northumbria

Saturday 6th February

Manchester Thunder 72-52 Celtic Dragons

Hertfordshire Mavericks 48-44 Loughborough Lightning

Round 3

Monday 8th February

Team Northumbria 45-62 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Friday 12th February

Team Bath 37-62 Manchester Thunder

Saturday 13th February

Loughborough Lightning 58-53 Celtic Dragons

Surrey Storm 59-36 Yorkshire Jets

Round 4

Monday 15th February

Loughborough Lightning 47-56 Manchester Thunder

Friday 19th February

Team Bath 58-28 Team Northumbria

Saturday 20th February

Yorkshire Jets 38-51 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Surrey Storm 62-40 Celtic Dragons

Round 5

Monday 22nd February

Team Northumbria 48-44 Yorkshire Jets

Saturday 27th February

Celtic Dragons 45-65 Team Bath

Loughborough Lightning 55-54 Surrey Storm

Hertfordshire Mavericks 48-57 Manchester Thunder

Round 6

Monday 29th February

Manchester Thunder 49-55 Surrey Storm

Team Bath 42-56 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Team Northumbria 47-46 Loughborough Lightning

Yorkshire Jets 33-55 Celtic Dragons

Round 7

Friday 4th March

Celtic Dragons 53-45 Team Northumbria

Team Bath 60-44 Loughborough Lightning

Saturday 5th March

Yorkshire Jets 44-49 Manchester Thunder

Surrey Storm 50-55 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Round 8

Monday 7th March

Hertfordshire Mavericks 67-45 Celtic Dragon

Saturday 12th March

Loughborough Lightning 52-39 Yorkshire Jets

Team Northumbria 51-65 Manchester Thunder

Surrey Storm 54-42 Team Bath

Round 9

Monday 14th March

Team Northumbria 45-58 Surrey Storm

Friday 18th March

Team Bath 67-37 Yorkshire Jets

Saturday 19th March

Celtic Dragons 51-54 Manchester Thunder

Monday 28th March

Loughborough Lightning 48-51 Hertfordshire Mavericks

*rearranged fixture

Round 10

Monday 21st March

Celtic Dragons 48-51 Loughborough Lightning

Saturday 26th March

Hertfordshire Mavericks 64-40 Team Northumbria

Yorkshire Jets 39-56 Surrey Storm

Manchester Thunder 69-51 Team Bath


Round 11

Monday 28th March

Team Bath 60-42 Celtic Dragons

Saturday 2nd April

Yorkshire Jets 45-50 Team Northumbria

Manchester Thunder v Hertfordshire Mavericks – Match postponed

Surrey Storm 52-42 Loughborough Lightning

Round 12

Monday 4th April

Hertfordshire Mavericks 54-34 Yorkshire Jets

Saturday 9th April

Celtic Dragons 53-68 Surrey Storm

Manchester Thunder 61-51 Loughborough Lightning

Team Northumbria 45-51 Team Bath

Round 13

Monday 11th April

Loughborough Lightning 61-41 Team Northumbria

Saturday 16th April

Celtic Dragons 44-45 Yorkshire Jets

Hertfordshire Mavericks 54-55 Team Bath

Surrey Storm 56-64 Manchester Thunder

Round 14

Monday 18th April

Manchester Thunder 67-43 Yorkshire Jets

Saturday 23rd April

Loughborough Lightning 55-75 Team Bath

Hertfordshire Mavericks 48-52 Surrey Storm

Team Northumbria 60-47 Celtic Dragons

Semi-Finals – 30  April 2016

Manchester Thunder 53-46 Team Bath

Surrey Story 53-51

2016 Vitality Netball Superleague Grand Final – 7 May 2016

3rd Place: Hertfordshire Mavericks 48-49 Team Bath

Grand Final: Manchester Thunder 53-55 Surrey Storm