Emphatic victory for Waterloo over local rivals Eccles

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Last weekend Firwood Waterloo Ladies took on local Manchester rival Eccles.  Rivalry always adds a different component to a game and in this game – it was intensity.

The game kicked off with both teams trying to assert themselves. Eccles spent much of the first 10 minutes trying to break the Waterloo defense. However, the defensive line held strong until an unfortunate error gave Eccles a penalty in kicking distance. Eccles made a clean kick. Score 0 – 3.

Unhappy with being behind on the scoreboard at home, Waterloo went hard in attack for the next five minutes and at 17 minutes Lydia Chadwick broke through the Eccles defense for the first Waterloo points. Followed by an easy conversion for Beth Stott. Score 7 – 3.

The rivalry waged on again for the next five minutes with strong pieces of play being made by both teams. A scrum at 22 minutes  worked in favour of Waterloo allowing Corinne Allmark to pick from the back of the scrum and play the ball out to Ale Lewis, hand out to Beth Stott for a cleverly timed pass to Rebekah Wilson for another Waterloo try. Unfortunately no conversion. Score 12 -3.

Only minutes later it was some clever foot work from Hannah Williams who made a break for Waterloo and passed out to Ashleigh Neale for a try by the posts meaning an easy conversion for Beth Stott. Score 19 – 3.

At 31 minutes it was another pick at the back of the scrum for Corinne Allmark and a great break meant another try for Waterloo. Another good kick from Beth Stott for the conversion. Score 26 – 3.

An unfortunate injury minutes later to Ale Lewis saw her leave the pitch, substituted for Natasha Wilson. A reshuffle of positions and the game continued.

Half Time Score 26 – 3.

Two minutes into the second half and it was a determined scrum from Waterloo leading to hands across the field with an assist from Hannah Williams to Rebekah Wilson for another try under the posts. The kick hit the post. Score 31 – 3.

Corinne Allmark got a steal five minutes later and passed out to Georgie Perris-Redding, who ran from half way for a try under the posts. Converted by Beth Stott. Score 38 – 3.

Eccles began to focus on defense to control the scoreboard, which worked effectively for the next 15 minutes.

Waterloo opted for some fresh legs at 60 minutes with two substitutions. Amy Stanley replaced Lydia Chadwick and Derren Whalley replaced Amanda Hughes.

Three minutes later it was another assist for Beth Sott and another try for Corinne Allmark this time at the base of the posts. Converted by Beth Stott. Score 45 – 3.

At 66 minutes it was hands along the back line and another assist from Beth Stott to Rebekah Wilson for a Waterloo try. Again, converted by Beth Stott. Score 52 -3.

Eager for more it was only 2 minutes later that Ashleigh Neale managed a quick pass out to Rebekah Wilson and another Waterloo try, again converted by Beth Stott. Score 59 -3.

At 74 minutes, Dani Wiseman came on for Georgie Perris-Redding.

With only a minute remaining, Dani Wiseman picked up the ball and charged through for a try. Converted by Beth Stott. Score 66 – 3.

Final Score 66 – 3.

Game Honours:

Forward of the Match: Leigh Hewison

Back of the Match: Corinne Allmark

Mascots Player: Leigh Hewison

A big thanks to Eccles for applying pressure throughout the game. Firwood Waterloo Ladies wish Eccles Ladies the best for the rest of the season.

Another massive thanks must go to mascot Harvey (pictured above with the team) who did a brilliant job putting the ball on the half way line after each try and recovering the ball after the kicks. Harvey is always an awesome supporter of Firwood Waterloo Ladies and on Sunday made an even better mascot!

Looking forward, Firwood Waterloo Ladies will play Newcastle Novocastrian Ladies away this coming Sunday 1st November 2015. 2:30pm KO. Free entry. All welcome!!

Report courtesy of Firwood Waterloo