Source: Murray Wilkinson (NWC2015 Media)

Netball World Cup Pools, Fixtures, Results

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The Netball World Cup 2015 comprises 16 teams, divided into 4 pools:

Pool A: Australia, Barbados, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago

Pool B: England, Jamaica, Samoa, Scotland

Pool C: Malawi, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka

Pool D: Fiji, Uganda, Wales, Zambia

Fixtures and Results so far:

Friday 7 August 2015

Pool A

New Zealand 73-28 Barbados

Australia 73-32 Trinidad & Tobago

Pool B

Jamaica 90-44 Samoa

England 60-19 Scotland

Pool C

Singapore 56-43 Sri Lanka

Malawi 58-51 South Africa

Pool D

Uganda 74-38 Zambia

Fiji 52-59 Wales

Saturday 8 August 2015

Pool A

Trinidad & Tobago 38-74 New Zealand

Barbados 16-83 Australia

Pool B

Samoa 36-47 Scotland

Jamaica 50-54 England

Pool C

South Africa 69-21 Singapore

Sri Lanka 18-101 Malawi

Pool D

Uganda 61-40 Fiji

Sunday 9 August 2015

Pool D  Wales 71-44 Zambia

Pool A  Trinidad & Tobago 55-39 Barbados

Pool A Australia 47-52 New Zealand

Pool B  England 85-34 Samoa

Pool C  Malawi 75-31 Singapore

Monday 10 August 2015

Pool C  South Africa 89-17 Sri Lanka

Pool D  Zambia 51-59 Fiji

Pool D Uganda 47-49 Wales

Pool B  Scotland 24-71 Jamaica


Top two teams from each pool progress to two pools of four and then top two teams of each of these groups will contest semi finals, final and third place match.

Bottom two teams will go into second eight split into two groups of four and they together with with losers of first eight will go into play offs for final placings, this will become clearer as the competition progresses.