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Thatto Heath’s Chloe Richardson receives Local Hero Award

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Chloe Richardson, rugby player for Thatto Heath and England Women’s Students, received the Local Hero Award recognising her volunteer work with St Helens Youth Sports Development, Youth Sports Programme.

This article was written by St Helens Unlimited in recognition of the tremendous work that Chloe puts in:

The Local Hero award is linked to National charity StreetGames and the award is to recognise the voluntary work that the young people do on a local level.Award logo

The work she has been doing is amazing and will hopefully inspire others. St Helens Sports Development shared the nomination form and whilst what follows is a lot of information, I feel it is beneficial to publish lots of it, as it truly shows how great she is.

Chloe has been an integral part of the great success of our two St Helens Club 1 projects the More Active, More Often Club and the Try It Now Club.

Taking time out from the coaching she does at a local community rugby league club, Chloe also volunteers and coaches as part of the St Helens Sports Development Door step sports club, The X-Club. Without the efforts and work from Chloe, the project would not have been as successful in working with the high number of females that it has and continues to do.

Chloe gives whatever is left of her free time to work with the Scotland RL national side, volunteering with the coaching staff. In her words “It can only make me a better coach working with the best”. It is a pretty daunting role that Chloe has taken on with Scotland, and I would imagine very intimidating being the only female in the coaching set up. However it is a role in which Chloe has excelled and she is gaining invaluable experience at working with top quality coaches.

Chloe’s determination and enthusiasm puts her head and shoulders above most people her age, and the effort that she puts in to every session. Her willingness to take opportunities and develop her own coaching profile and abilities show her commitment to all aspects of volunteering.

Chloe is a credit to both herself, the St Helens Doorstep Sports Programme and StreetGames as a whole. The level of dedication and the quality of coaching, leadership and positive influence that Chloe has upon the participants at the St Helens DSC programme, cannot be stated enough. One of the reasons our programme won the Doorstep Sports Club of the year at the 2015 StreetGames awards was as a result of the great work put in by volunteers, and Chloe is the most pro-active and hardworking of these.

She has actively and consistently gone above and beyond what we would expect from a volunteer and has done it without seeking praise or recognition. For the work that Chloe has done with us and the positive impact she has had on young people, particularly girls, Chloe would definitely fit into the category of an “unsung hero”

The support and service she provides is vital to the programme and we believe it would be fitting for Chloe to receive recognition for the work she does.