Great Britain Coaching Club Programme success

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During 2014, in conjunction with sports coach UK, England Hockey undertook some research to better understand the needs and wants of coaches across the country.  Two of the main headlines that came out from this survey were:

  • Three in every four coaches wanted more localised workshop
  • Informal learning would make a greater impact than qualifications.

With this invaluable insight, The GB Coaching Club Programme was launched in October 2014 and has since taken hundreds of bookings.  A flurry of activity has seen a series of workshops and opportunities delivered nationwide.  The programme supports coaches of children, adults or talented players and will continue into 2015 with a number of NEW topics areas being released.

It is important to England Hockey’s on-going development that feedback is collected after each workshop, to ensure that the content being delivered is having a positive impact. They also ask coaches to embrace Twitter and post comments to @EnglandHockey and @CoachAndInspire.

The feedback has demonstrated that the GB Coaching Club Programme is positively striking a chord with the coaches that attend. The tutors have been described as, “friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic”.  One workshop had a surprise visit from current England and GB player Ollie Willars.  Ollie commented at this workshop stating, “these games and activities are exactly the same as the Senior Squads do day in day out at Bisham Abbey. The important thing is for coaches to deliver them in a context that suits their players”.

Coaches that have attended the GB Coaching Club Programme have since received regular communication from England Hockey via newsletters that include interesting literature and video content.  This consistent communication will continue in the future and allow us to keep coaches up-to-date with the best coaching practice ideas.

If you would like to find out more or sign up to a workshop, click here .